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Large Marine “Dinosaur” Discovered in Alaska For The First Time

The first plesiosaur, more specifically an elasmosaur, to ever be discovered in Alaska, in the Talkeetna Mountains, has recently been documented by researchers. It is not specifically a dinosaur since it did not walk on land; rather it is a large marine reptile. The 70-million-year-old fossil dates back from the late Cretaceous period.

large reptile fossil

The picture depicts the dig site in the Talkeetna Mountains in Alaska where the plesiosaur fossil has recently been discovered halfway up a vertical cliff. The fossils were found to be eroding out of the hillside. Photo credits: University of Alaska Museum.

The elasmosaur had a 14-metre long neck with long limbs that apparently helped it to swim underwater.

This is the first time this type of creature has been discovered in Alaska.

As per the findings, the researchers concluded that Plesiosaurs were not regular dinosaurs because of them being marine creatures. Furthermore, they were warm-blooded and gave birth as opposed to laying eggs.

It is also speculated that they hunted large prey.

“Picture the mythical Loch Ness monster and you have a pretty good idea what it looked like”, said Patrick Druckenmiller, the museum’s marine fossil expert, in a statement to the Daily Times Gazette. “I recognized it as a vertebra from the base of the animal’s neck and wanted to visit the site to see if we could find more.”


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