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Mysterious Large “Dolphin In Fur” Discovered On A Beach In Russia

A mysterious aquatic creature has been discovered along a shore in Russia. It has not been established to which species it belong. Its appearance has a hint of a dolphin because of its beak, but otherwise, it is nothing like a dolphin: rather, it is covered in fur and is extremely large.

dolphin or mammoth

The creature recently spotted. Photo credits: SakhalinMedia.

The Internet people have gone crazy over a staggeringly bizarre creature recently discovered in Russia. The animal was found along the shores of Sakhalin Island in a decomposed condition. Furthermore, it was observed that it had been partially eaten, possibly by other animals. Of all of these gruesome details that would undoubtedly catch attention, it is the animal’s appearance that stands out the most: it seems to be covered in fur, and it has a long beak – two features that have not been found together in any documented living creature.

An article in Siberian Times introduces the mysterious creature as follows:

“With fur on its tail and twice the size of a human being, no one yet knows what the animal is.”

What is the identity of the new creature? Some have speculated that it might have been a Ganges River dolphin because of its long body and narrow beak. However, this seems highly improbable given that the freshwater dolphin does not have fur, and is not as big as the creature discovered. Furthermore, it would not have been able to travel from India to Russia.

Moreover, dolphins might have fur shortly after birth, but this characteristic is later lost. In spite of having all the odds against the theory that the creature might have been a dolphin, Nikolay Kim from the Sakhalin Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography said in a statement to the Siberian Times that:

“Judging by the appearance of the head, this is clearly some big dolphin. According to the characteristic of the skin, it is a rare species.

“I can confidently say that this is some kind of a dolphin.

“However, it has fur. It’s unusual. Dolphins do not have any fur.

“I doubt that it lived in our waters. Most likely, the animal was brought by the warm current. Here often appear tropical and subtropical species. On cooling, they stay here and then die.”

This possibility might not be that far-fetched though, according to a Professor of Marine Biology from Essex University, David Smith.

“The turn over rate of skin on a dolphin is very rapid, a fact that is really important for their survival as it prevents encrusting organisms fouling the body and increasing friction.”

In a statement to the MailOnline, he said that the creature may be covered in some “filamentous algae” that grow in water subject to eutrophication. Also, according to him, it might also have been a “pre-historic specimen frozen in the permafrost.”

Another Professor of Conservation Biology, Professor Alex Rogers from Oxford University, has a different theory.

“It suggests to me that my second guess of a very decomposed beaked whale is more likely. The bone sticking out of the skull looks similar to that seen in Baird’s beaked whale.”



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