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Mummy of an Unknown Lost Arctic Civilization Discovered

A team of scientists working near the Siberian Arctic have stumbled upon mummified human remains wrapped in birch bark. The latter were discovered at the Zeleny Yar necropolis, situated just outside Salekhard in Russia, miles from the Arctic Circle. They seem to belong to some unknown medieval civilisation. Further analysis is expected to shed light on the discovery in the upcoming weeks.

Mummy in Siberia

The birch bark cocoon in which the ‘mummy’ has been wrapped.

The mummified remains found are allegedly accidentally made. According to the scientists, the remains that were inside the cocoon wrapped in birch bark might have contained copper and permafrost which produced a layer of ice leading to the unintentional mummification of the corpses. The cocoon is 1.3 metres in length and 30 centimetres wide. The remains might probably have belonged to a child or a teenager living in the XII-XIII century.

The scientists claim that the head and the skull might be in good condition, provided the cocoon really constitutes a mummy.

mummy bark

The cocoon will be opened on the 15th of July when the scientists will return to Salekhard, in the Shemanovsky Museum, where the remains have been kept in a special freezer.


The map shows where the remains are currently found.


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