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Why Don’t Women Like To Share Their Perfume With Their Female Friends?

A team of researchers have recently explored the unspoken reality of many women worldwide who don’t buy perfume for other females and who don’t share theirs either. The findings have been published in the journal Food Quality and Preference.


One of the authors of the study, Bryan Howell, explains that some women do not share the perfumes they are currently using because they view it as an integral part of their own individual lives.

“Women treasure fragrances as a vital pillar of their personal identity,” said Howell. “They may use the same fragrance for many years, and some women keep their fragrance choice a secret so their friends won’t wear it.”

Furthermore, women who do share perfumes with other women only do so because they are not ones they would choose for themselves at that moment.

Also, the women who participated in the study stated that gifting a friend perfume might seem to be a subtle way of telling them they smell bad. Therefore, they avoid giving the wrong impression altogether.

“Buying perfume for another woman is like buying a swimsuit for someone else,” said BYU campus news manager Emily Hellewell. “Swimsuits, like perfume choices, are very personal and it’s not a gift you would give a friend.”

“You wouldn’t buy perfume you like for a friend because then they would smell like you. That’s a little too creepy,” said BYU public relations major Ashley Lindenau.

Howell further added that it would seem that women sabotage their best female friends, while they would readily buy perfumes for male friends.

“When women like a fragrance, they will purchase it for themselves or a male friend, but not for a female friend,” Howell said. “When they dislike a scent, they won’t purchase it for themselves or their boyfriend, but they will buy it for a female friend. It was a very strange finding so I had to go back and dig deeper.”

“While women hold fragrances as personally intimate and respect other women’s intimate choices, they happily want to influence what fragrances men wear,” Howell said. “Assuming it is for a spouse or boyfriend, they want to pick fragrances they also like since they’ll be around that person often.”


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