Day: August 5, 2015

You Have The Wrong Image of Yourself – Mirrors Lie, Selfies Don’t!

You know the phenomenon of not recognising our voices when they are heard outside of our bodies like in recordings while strangers apparently do? The same might be said of our photographs. A new research suggests that strangers are better at ranking which of the pictures of others resemble the latter the most than those to

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China’s Assembling The World’s Largest Radio Telescope

The panels making up the largest radio telescope the world has ever seen, known as FAST & made by China, is currently being pieced together. An artist’s impression of the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST). Photo credits: Arxiv. China is known to experimenting in a wide variety of fields, setting up ambitious projects. One such endeavour

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“Leaky Vaccines” Create More Dangerous Viral Strains

Vaccines might be contributing to the evolution of “stronger” virus strains, according to a new research performed by an international team of scientists. Their findings have been published in PLOS Biology. The new study deals with the controversial supervirus theory that dictates that vaccines which do not completely eliminate a disease might trigger viruses to develop

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Theropod Dinosaurs Like The TRex Had Something More Than Just Teeth

A new study has shed light onto the ability of dinosaurs to kill their prey: their serrated (having saw-like cutting edges) teeth allowed them to cut through flesh and bones better – specially those of other dinosaurs they fed on – and the very arrangement of the tissues within each of those teeth provided further

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Pluto’s Latest Pics Show Nitrogen Glaciers

pluto nitrogen glacier

More and more pictures of Pluto captured by the New Horizons probe are being released. The latest ones seem to show glaciers of nitrogen ice on the planet, and many more features. The most recent New Horizons pictures appear to be depicting astonishing occurrences. Very little information has been revealed until now. More details need

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Complex Reproduction in Organisms Started Million of Years Ago

The Fractofusus, a form of rangeomorphs, had developed a complex reproductive methodology millions of years ago, as attested by well-preserved fossils of the immobile organism. Illustration of a Fractofusus community. Photo credits: EG Mitchell. What are the first living organisms to have graced the surface of the Earth with their presence? Some scientists believe rangeomorphs

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