Day: August 10, 2015

Scientists Successfully Used Nanoparticles To Destroy Blood Clots

Blood clots have proved to be lethal in many cases. Non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular ones being on the rise in our societies, the need to find ways to tackle them is now even more pressing. A team of researchers have recently devised a new technique using nanotechnology to deal with blood clots. The findings have been

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Horses Smile When Happy & Widen Their Eyes When Scared Like Humans!

Horses can actually pout and smile, and widen their eyes in response to feelings. A new study published in the journal PLOS ONE has shown that horses have similar facial expressions to humans. Horse faces have proved to be more similar to ours that we would have thought. A wide range of facial expressions of

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Wonder Material Stanene Created By Researchers

A team of scientists from Stanford University in the US in collaboration with researchers from institutions based in China claim to have made a sample of stanene. The latter is a one-atom thick mesh of tin that is predicted to be able to conduct electricity without losing heat, hence making it the most efficient of

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