Day: August 19, 2015

Our Universe is Dying According To This New Research

A new research suggests that the universe will die out in billions of years after scientists found that galaxies analysed lost half of their energy in only 2 billion years. Furthermore, several factors might account for the death of the worlds: the universe might be assaulted by multiple deaths. The universe has an ending, and it

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An Unusually Gregarious & Romantic Octopus Documented By Scientists

Nature hides much of her beauty from us. Sometimes, though, we are blessed enough to come across her veiled treasures. Such was the discovery of a mysterious octopus that displayed astonishing features in contrast with other known octopus species. A relative of the octopus was first discovered. This one was striped and extremely tiny, comparable to the size of the

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Huge Monolith Discovered Submerged In The Sicilian Channel

A man-made 12-metre-long monolith has been discovered in a shallow bank of the Sicilian Channel that runs between Tunisia and Sicily. The structure is thought to be 10,000-year-old. The structure lying on the seabed. The two pieces of the rock seen here were initially pieced together. Three holes of similar diameter have also been observed

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Spicy Food Consumption Linked With Lower Risk Of Death

A new study has shown that consuming spicy foods, specially when abstaining from alcohol, is associated with a lower risk of death. The results are not conclusive though; the real cause for this apparent link is not known. The findings have been published in The BMJ. Spicy foods might actually have a positive effect on

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Ranting On The Internet Is Bad For Your Health

Ranting on the Internet is bad for your health. A new study has shown that expressing anger online in the form of rants causes us to be even angrier. The researcher proves wrong all those who think that they are finding an effective outlet for their negative feelings. Is it really good to vent one’s

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