Month: August 2015

Pluto’s Latest Pics Show Nitrogen Glaciers

pluto nitrogen glacier

More and more pictures of Pluto captured by the New Horizons probe are being released. The latest ones seem to show glaciers of nitrogen ice on the planet, and many more features. The most recent New Horizons pictures appear to be depicting astonishing occurrences. Very little information has been revealed until now. More details need

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Complex Reproduction in Organisms Started Million of Years Ago

The Fractofusus, a form of rangeomorphs, had developed a complex reproductive methodology millions of years ago, as attested by well-preserved fossils of the immobile organism. Illustration of a Fractofusus community. Photo credits: EG Mitchell. What are the first living organisms to have graced the surface of the Earth with their presence? Some scientists believe rangeomorphs

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Scientists Find Cure For Hangovers!

Is there any cure for hangovers? According to a new study, the answer to this question has been found in Korean pears. Scientists from Australia focused their efforts on finding out the hidden benefits of pears. Apparently, the fruit has a wide array of advantages, from lowering cholesterol to helping against constipation. It also showed anti-inflammatory

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Smallest Heart Pump (The MVAD) Implanted In 63-Year-Old Man

The world’s smallest artificial heart device called the Miniaturized Ventricular Assist Device (MVAD) has been implanted for the first time in a 63-year-old Northern Ireland man. How the MVAD works Harold Chivers, an elderly from Bangor, County Down, is the very first recipient of the artificial heart pump which is the size of a golf

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