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Scientists Find Cure For Hangovers!

Is there any cure for hangovers? According to a new study, the answer to this question has been found in Korean pears.


Scientists from Australia focused their efforts on finding out the hidden benefits of pears. Apparently, the fruit has a wide array of advantages, from lowering cholesterol to helping against constipation. It also showed anti-inflammatory effects. The most striking finding, though, concerns a wholly different subject: hangovers.

The findings showed that pears might be relieving people from hangovers while causing a decrease in blood alcohol concentrations. It is to be noted that the experiments were performed on a specific variety of pear: the Korean one.


The Korean pear, also known as the Asian pear. Photo credits: Alamy.

The lead author, Manny Noakes, explained that the Korean pears acted upon enzymes involved in the metabolism of alcohol, namely alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH).

220 mL of Korean pear juice would do the trick of treating a hangover. Eating whole pears is also said to bring about similar effects.

Noakes affirmed that the overall hangover severity was considerably decreased with the consumption of the pears. This only works if the person had the pear juice before consuming alcohol.

“The effect was only demonstrated if pears were consumed before alcohol consumption,” says Noakes. “There is no evidence that you can consume pears after drinking and avoid a hangover. And remember, the very best way to not get a hangover is to not drink in the first place.”

The findings, though promising, are not finalised. Therefore, the team of researchers intend to review past works on pears of different varieties.


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