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Scientists Successfully Used Nanoparticles To Destroy Blood Clots

Blood clots have proved to be lethal in many cases. Non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular ones being on the rise in our societies, the need to find ways to tackle them is now even more pressing. A team of researchers have recently devised a new technique using nanotechnology to deal with blood clots. The findings have been published in the journal Advanced Materials.

blood clots

The researchers have developed a nanoparticle filled with a clot-destroying compound. Its outer shell includes an antibody that targets activated platelets which are responsible for blood clotting. The nanoparticles have been named “poly(2-oxazoline) (POx)-based multifunctional polymer capsules.”

When the nanocapsule finds a blood clot, its shell is broken by a molecule that is involved in the clotting, thrombin, thereby releasing the drug that destroys blood clots.

The researchers explain that the device is extremely easy to use.

“This can be given in the ambulance straight away so you really save a lot of time and restore the blood flow to the critical organs much faster than currently possible,” said the lead author, Professor Hagemeyer, in a statement to the International Business Times.

Trials performed on animals so far have been successful. The next stage will now involve humans.


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