Suboxone As Alternative To Methadone To Treat Drug Addiction

Following the statements of the Minister of Health, Anil Gayan, that methadone will no more be given out to new beneficiaries to treat drug addiction, NGOs expressed their concern over the matter. Today, the minister has announced that an alternative will be provided.


The new treatment to tackle drug addiction will consist of Suboxone that will be administered to new patients who request for a substitute to harmful drugs. As a matter of fact, methadone will not be given out to new beneficiaries anymore.

The minister explained that the patients would be “clean” in six months’ time if they follow the treatment correctly. In a statement to l’Express.mu, he said that, in that case, no relapse was conceivable.

The updated program will start off in around two to four weeks. The distribution methodologies are currently being finalised. New patients will be subjected to screening tests by doctors after which they will receive the treatment.


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