Day: September 2, 2015

Life Under The Outer Crust of Pluto

pluto nitrogen glacier

A physicist from the UK suggests that simple life forms might exist under the outer layer of Pluto. The world of Pluto is no more as much of a mystery as it used to be ever since NASA’s New Horizons mission brought forth unprecedented data about its surface and surroundings: we have had the opportunity

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4-Day School Week Linked With Higher Maths Scores

Does it really matter how much time we spend at school? Apparently, yes. A new study performed in the US suggests that a 4-day school week for primary school pupils will not only be harmless to academic performance but will also boost test scores. The findings were published in the journal Education, Finance and Policy.

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Throat Bacteria In Schizophrenic Patients Differ From Those In Healthy People

Schizophrenia confers differences down to the microscopic level, or so suggests a new study. Researchers have found the stark contrast between bacteria thriving in throats of schizophrenic patients and those in healthy people. This might be pointing to a difference in the functioning of the immune system that affects brain function in the two groups.

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Giant Sea Scorpion of 1.5 Meters Discovered

A 460-million-year old sea scorpion – believed to be the oldest species of eurypterid – has been discovered in the US in the form of 150 fossil pieces spotted in northeastern Iowa from a 27-metre thick sandy shale found in an old meteorite impact crater. The findings have been published in the journal BMC Evolutionary

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