Day: September 3, 2015

Higher Amino Acids Intake Correlated With Healthier Heart

Amino acids are apparently extremely beneficial to the health of the heart. A new study performed in the UK suggests that certain amino acids in some food items can enhance cardiovascular health. Furthermore, this effect has been compared to quitting smoking and indulging in more physical activities. The findings have been published in The Journal

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Meet Ankylosaur The Inbuilt Armor Dinosaur

Ankylosaurs were dinosaurs equipped with inbuilt armour. A characteristic anatomical feature of some of them was the giant tail club. The latter, located at the end of the tail, has recently been documented by researchers who suggest that the knob grew less and less flexible over time to culminate into the stiff tail club. The findings

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Brain Boosting and Omega-3 Supplements Is A Myth

Omega-3 supplements might not be boosting brain activity after all. A new study suggests that it is but a myth. The findings have been published in the journal JAMA. Researchers find that omega-3 supplements, and even fish oil, have not been proved to act as protection for the brain; cognitive abilities are not enhanced by

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Take Note: Midday Napping Decreases Blood Pressure

How often do you kitty-nap during the day? You might want to make it part of your routine as a new study shows that daytime sleeps might be correlated to a decreased blood pressure. Napping during the day might possibly be good for the health of your heart. The findings of the new study that

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How weaver ants happen to be good pest controllers

Humanity brought forth synthetic insecticides when the latter are already provided for in nature: a new study published in the Journal of Applied Ecology has documented how weaver ants happen to be good pest controllers. Weaver ants. Weaver ants from genus Oecophylla contribute to boosting crop yields for farmers by getting rid of pests. They

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