Day: September 11, 2015

Lethal Bacteria Are Not Necessarily The Most Toxic, Says New Study

Harmful bacteria are often associated with the toxins they use on their hosts. It is generally believed that the greater the toxicity the more severe is the disease. A new study, though, has shown that bacterial toxicity and disease severity are not necessarily linked in this way. The new study involves the “major human pathogen”

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Capsaicin Found In Chillies Might Kill Prostate Cancer Cells

chili pepper

Chillies might become the new anti-cancer food. A new study conducted by scientists from the Indian Institute of Technology of Madras suggests that its characteristic compound, capsaicin which is responsible for chilli’s heat, might be used in cancer treatments in the future. The findings have been published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry B. Capsaicin

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