Day: September 18, 2015

Our Brain Encourages Laziness, Says New Study

The biology of humans might be inclined towards laziness, suggests a new study. The paper has been published in Current Biology. The 9 volunteers of the study had to wear leg braces that would impede their usual walking pace. Since walking became more strenuous, the participants attempted to change their normal walking habits – that

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Reducing Serving Size Will Help Tackle Obesity

A new study suggests that limiting portion sizes of food items served at home and in restaurants and which are available at the supermarket will curb the epidemic of obesity. The scientists reached this conclusion after reviewing the findings of 61 past studies. The results have been published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. The

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Longevity Genes Benefit Certain Lifelong Smokers

What makes some smokers different from the majority such that they do not seem to suffer from the negative effects of tobacco? It is no secret that smoking reduces one’s life span and is among the leading causes of death. How, then, do some smokers live till the age of 90, or even more? A new

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Antibacterial Soap Is No Better Than Plain Soap

A new Korean study suggests that antibacterial soap used to wash hands is not superior to plain soap. The findings are published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. The researchers aimed at finding out the bactericidal effects of triclosan which is a common antiseptic used as ingredient for soap manufacture. The compound was first tested

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