Day: September 21, 2015

Merging of 2 Black Holes Wreaking Havoc in the Universe 100,000 Years From Now

Once upon a time, two enormous black holes stumbled on each other, and got trapped in an extremely complicated relationship that might ultimately have huge repercussions on space-time itself. These astonishing estimations are part and parcel of a new study published in the journal Nature this week. The two huge black holes, located in a

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11km Scale Model of Solar System Set Up Across Nevada Desert

All the solar system pictures you’ve viewed until now have lied to you! Given the scale on which they are drawn, they would have to be microscopic to fit it. If we were to set up a scale model with the Earth represented as the size of a small marble, it would have to be

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Scientists Invent Invisibility Cloak For … Microscopic Objects!

Hear out, world, invisibility cloaks are now a reality, albeit on the microscopic level – researchers in the US have achieved the feat . Find the descriptions of the research in the journal Science. Photo credits: Berkeley Lab. Invisibility cloaks might not be restricted to the Harry Potter world as scientists are trying to develop techniques

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