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Cats Do Not Need Their Owners To Feel Safe & Secure

The debate over dogs and cats will, maybe, live on as long as humanity exists. A scientific study has, yet again, highlighted the differences between the two, suggesting that domestic cats do not view their owners as an epitome of safety and security as do dogs. Rather, cats can feel safe and secure without their owners.


Animal behaviour exerts from the University of Lincoln, UK, analysed how dogs and cats perceive their owners differently. The former think of them as a safe base, as opposed to the latter.

Adult cats are more independent – a characteristic that appears even in their social relationships. They do not necessarily rely on others to feel protected.

“Previous research has suggested that some cats show signs of separation anxiety when left alone by their owners, in the same way that dogs do, but the results of our study show that they are in fact much more independent than canine companions,” said Daniel Mills, professor at Lincoln’s School of Life Sciences, the lead author of the study.

“It seems that what we interpret as separation anxiety might actually be signs of frustration,” said Mills.


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