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Life Under The Outer Crust of Pluto

A physicist from the UK suggests that simple life forms might exist under the outer layer of Pluto.

pluto nitrogen glacier

The world of Pluto is no more as much of a mystery as it used to be ever since NASA’s New Horizons mission brought forth unprecedented data about its surface and surroundings: we have had the opportunity to view nitrogen glaciers on its ground as well as close-up images of its largest moon. These pieces of information have been interpreted in many different ways; recently, British physicist Brian Cox indicates that life forms might exist under the Pluto’s outer crust.

Brian Cox suggests that temperate underwater oceans might exist beneath the outer layer of the planet where life could be sustained.

“[The New Horizons probe] showed you that there may well be a subsurface ocean on Pluto, which means — if our understanding of life on Earth is even slightly correct — that you could have living things there,” said Cox in a statement to The Times.

Cox also added that the life forms would be simple ones such as one-celled organisms. The probability of complex life there is considered to be extremely small.

“What science is telling us now is that complex life is probably rare,” he told The Times. “We’re physically insignificant and yet probably very valuable.”


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