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New Energy Bars Provide For 1/3 of Your Daily Nutrition

How to eat more efficiently? Consuming more of health food while also eating less? If you’re looking for answers, the Greenbelly Meal nutrition bar might be what you’re seeking.


The Greenbelly Meal, a new energy bar, is said to provide for one-third of your daily nutritional needs in only few bites. Moreover, it does not require any preparation, cooking, or cleaning up. The energy bars are now officially on sale.

It was developed by 27-year-old entrepreneur Chris Cage.

“We really want to take the thinking out of eating,” said Cage in a statement. “Particularly while on the go, as fast food is just such an unhealthy, nutritional mess.”

Cage explains how he came up with the idea of a bar that could constitute a whole meal.

“I was just burning a lot of calories every day, and as I was cycling up to 100 miles, time and weight were very important resources,” says Cage. “I didn’t want to have something heavy on my bike, and I didn’t want to have to stop and cook.”

The energy bar is unique in that it has a certain nutritional balance that the existing ones do not.

Cage made the Greenbelly Meal bars in cooperation with a food scientist and a chef. They used ingredients like brown rice, almonds, and cocoa.

It is to be noted that the bars are not a replacement for a balanced meal, nor does their inventor recommend relying solely on them. They are only made to boost your energy.

“I think it’s best to get nutrition from a variety of sources and not eat only our bars,” says Cage. “Not to mention you may get sick of them. We are taking on easy meals… and ours are healthier, nutritionally balanced, and easier.”


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