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Take Note: Midday Napping Decreases Blood Pressure

How often do you kitty-nap during the day? You might want to make it part of your routine as a new study shows that daytime sleeps might be correlated to a decreased blood pressure.


Napping during the day might possibly be good for the health of your heart. The findings of the new study that suggests so was presented by Greek cardiologist Manolis Kallistratos recently.

He looked into the link between blood pressure levels and midday naps in 200 men and 186 women with an average age of 61.4 years.

It was found that those indulging in midday naps had a 5 % lower BP in arteries when the heart beats – known as ambulatory systolic blood pressure reading – than those who did not nap: the former group had a BP 5 mmHg lower during the day and 7 mmHg lower during the night.

The readings indicate that the effects might accumulate to cause a considerable difference over the long run.

“Although the mean BP [blood pressure] decrease seems low, it has to be mentioned that reductions as small as 2 mmHg in systolic blood pressure can reduce the risk of cardiovascular events by up to 10 percent,” says Kallistratos. “Midday naps seem to lower blood pressure levels and may probably also decrease the number of required antihypertensive medications.”

Furthermore, the longer the duration of the snooze, the greater are the benefits, according to the researchers. Kallistratos himself did not mention the ideal duration though – it might depend on each individual’s physiology.

This is not the first study that investigates the effects of napping. Some of the findings of these researches indicate that midday naps can enhance alertness and memory, and even creativity.


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