Day: October 1, 2015

Combating Cancer By Tackling The Cells’ Glucose Intake

Cancer cells are characterised by uncontrolled division that is the basis of their propagation. They keep on growing and multiplying, thereby making the work of scientists attempting to halt the proliferation harder and harder. Researchers of a new study decided to tackle this problem by focusing on their glucose intake which is used to fuel their

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Sinkhole Beneath Campsite in Australia Pulls in Tents, A Car & A Caravan

An enormous sinkhole appeared underneath a campsite on Sunshine Coast, Queensland, in Australia last weekend, taking into its insides several tents, a car and a caravan. Fortunately, noone was injured, but the 300 people who were there had to be evacuated. The sinkhole at Inskip Point on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Photo credits: Channel 7. The

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Promising New Stem Cell Treatment To Cure Blindness

A new stem-cell-based procedure was performed on a patient in the UK with the aim to restoring eyesight a month ago. The woman has since shown no complication. The treatment will be done for more patients in the near future. Vision loss is one of the downsides of ageing in many people, constituting a challenge

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Scientists Observe Special Neurones Wrap Around Cells To Deplete Fats

Researchers have been analysing the intricacies of the alimentary canal and nervous system for decades now, but the mechanism behind the signalling pathway of the action of leptin monitoring the breakdown of fats has remained elusive. Findings of a new study, published in Cell, seem to have shed light on the subject: scientists have witnessed

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Consuming Dried Plums Lowers Risk of Colon Cancer

Consuming dried plums decreases the risk of colon cancer because of its effects on gut bacteria, suggests a new study recently presented at the 2015 Experimental Biology Conference in Boston. The composition of colon bacteria plays a role in the health of the organ: if it is disrupted, intestinal inflammation can occur repeatedly to ultimately

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