Day: October 6, 2015

73,000 Years Ago Massive Tsunami Can Happen Again

Evidence that a volcano making approximately 2.8 km in height on Fogo Island once collapsed following eruption, thereby unleashing a giant tsunami, has recently been documented in a paper published in the journal Science Advances. If it really happened, it only happened in the distant past, around 73,000 years ago. However, the researchers mention the possibility

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Artist With Synesthesia Portrays How She “Sees” Famous Songs

This artist can see sound and songs and here are what they look like. We hear sounds and see colours – this is how the human brain and nervous system are wired. What happens if these senses are swapped, so to say? A neurological condition called synesthesia actually causes some people to “see sounds and

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10-Minute Walk Can Reverse Impaired Vascular Flow Caused By Sedentariness

Being seated for long periods of time is constantly being described as harmful to health. Indeed, life is characterised by movement, and death, by stillness, which makes us wonder as to which one are we the closest to, in terms of our daily activities. While the current trends in society might be painting a gloomy picture,

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