Day: October 12, 2015

First-Borns Are More Likely To Be Myopic Because Parents Tend To Invest In Their Education More

Researchers have explained why first-born children are more likely to be myopic than their younger siblings. The findings are published in JAMA Ophthalmology. Myopia is becoming more and more common in our contemporary world. Previous studies have suggested that first-born children might have a greater risk of becoming near-sighted. This study explains how this happens. Jeremy

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The Best AI Systems Have A 4-Year-Old’s Level of Intelligence!

The existing AI systems are as smart as a 4-year-old child, says a new research that entailed comparing the former with the human IQ. The findings are published online at arXiv.org. The scientists conducted a series of tests to evaluate the smartness of the AI systems. Our best ones are only equivalent to toddlers in

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New Evidence of Ancient Lake In Gale Crater on Mars

Mars is in the spotlight again. New evidence published in the journal Science suggests that lakes might have once existed on the surface of the planet at the Gale Crater, where the Curiosity Rover is currently located. Image suggesting what the Gale Crater lake looked like. Photo credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ESA/DLR/FU Berlin/MSSS. The discovery of salty water on

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New Study Links Heavy Internet Use With High BP In Teenagers

Spending too much time on the Internet might be linked with a higher risk of having high blood pressure (BP) as far as teenagers are concerned, as per the findings of a study performed by scientists from the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. The findings are published in the Journal of School Nursing. Indulging in

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Simple Blood Test Determines Risk of Having A Heart Attack

A highly sensitive blood test to detect the level of protein troponin in blood has been developed by researchers from the UK to determine a person’s risk of having a heart attack. The paper is published in The Lancet. The test is described as fast and convenient since it can be indicator of not performing the

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