Day: October 13, 2015

Positive Thinkers Are Protected From Heart Disease by Adhering To Healthy Habits

Humans are directly affected by the quality of their thoughts. More and more scientific studies are, thus, focusing on the effects of positive thinking. Researchers from Penn State University have recently studied positivity in relation to heart disease: does it really impact positively on the heart’s health? Find more in the paper published in Psychosomatic

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The Dark Side of Antioxidants: They Double Malignant Tumour Rate

In a world where cancer is worryingly becoming more and more common, we have a growing body of research pertaining to the various causes and effects. As such, antioxidants known to eliminate free radicals, which are frequently mentioned as being a cause, are mostly assumed to be beneficial in treating cancer. However, a new study shows

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Removal of these Genes Boosts Lifespan According To New Study

A team of researchers have recently discovered that the removal of 238 genes led to a significant increase in the lifespan of yeast cells. The findings, published in Cell Metabolism, might hopefully have important implications on human ageing as well. The scientists describe their endeavour as providing a broader picture of ageing. “This study looks at ageing in

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Psychic Robot Predicts Your Movements!

Bioengineers from the University of Illinois, Chicago, claim to have developed a “psychic robot” that can predict the actions of humans by relying on a mathematical algorithm. The paper is published in PLOS ONE. The software designed by the team of researchers can allegedly calculate people’s intentions when taking previous activity into account. It cannot,

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