Day: October 17, 2015

Scientists Discover Male-Specific Neurones Linked With Seeking Sex

Researchers have identified a pair of male-specific neurones in the brain of male nematodes that cause them to remember and seek sex. The findings are published in the journal Nature. What makes the two sexes different in terms of preferences and behaviour? What are the inner workings in the brain that accommodate for the contrast? The findings

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Stressful Jobs Linked With Increased Stroke Risk

Stressful jobs could be linked to an increased risk of having a stroke, says a meta-analysis published in Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. Previous researches attempting to find an association between job stress and stroke risk have unfortunately not brought forth clear conclusions. The new study, on the other hand, shows

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Prolonged Sitting Is Not Harmful If One Is Physically Active

Spending long hours sitting is painted as an extremely unhealthy habit that is associated with a number of diseases. New findings now suggest that it is not detrimental to one’s health if one indulges in physical exercise. It is to be noted that previous studies have claimed that physical activity might not undo the harms.

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