Day: October 21, 2015

Return To The Moon: Europeans & Russians Plan Preliminary Missions

Ever wondered how a return to the moon would be like? Well, Europeans and Russians will see to it that it happens soon enough. Illustration of a Moon base by the European Space Agency. A joint European and Russian endeavour has been planned to explore the possibility of setting foot on the moon again. The

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Magnetic Wormhole Created In Lab

Physicists from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain, claim to have manufactured a magnetostatic wormhole in laboratory. The paper is published in Scientific Reports. Predicted by the Theory of Relativity, wormholes are, perhaps, one of mankind most implausible dreams. If they really do exist, they could propel us into other regions of the universe in

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Can We Learn New Information During Sleep?

Can the process of learning happen during sleep? If yes, does it involve new information, or only what was previously learned during the day? Can we actually learn new things during sleep? Several studies have suggested links between sleep, memory and learning. For instance, a research performed last year showed that students were better able

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