Day: October 28, 2015

Do We Lack Sleep or Darkness?

Given our fast-paced lifestyles packed with activities, sleep deprivation is often mentioned as one of the ills societies are exposing themselves to. A new study, on the other hand, questions whether we are really lacking adequate sleep; perhaps, the real issue has to do with darkness-deprivation. The researchers of the new study, led by Jerome

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Why Do Most Alcohol Drinkers Also Smoke?

A team of scientists from the School of Medicine of the University of Missouri have discovered that nicotine wears out alcohol’s sleep-inducing properties, which might explain why smoking and drinking alcohol often come together. The paper is published in the Journal of Neurochemistry. Why do cigarette smokers often also tend to drinking alcohol, and vice-versa? Is

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Mysterious Space Debris (WT1190F) Falling On Earth In November

Scientists expect a mysterious piece of space debris to hit our planet on November 13. Named WT1190F, it will apparently land off the coast of Sri Lanka. WT1190F is most probably artificial in origin. Researchers do not yet have a clear idea of its make-up. Its presence was detected by the Catalina Sky Survey of

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Bacteria on ISS Found And They Are Potentially Harmful

New research published in the journal Microbiome shows that the International Space Station houses trillions of microorganisms, including fungi and bacteria. The latter have been detected in the air and on the surfaces of the space lab. Furthermore, some of these might even be harmful. For the new study, the researchers did DNA sequencing to

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Snake Venom Used To Make Hydrogel To Help Clotting of Wounds

Researchers of a new study have used snake venom to make a hydrogel named SB50 to stop bleeding efficiently. It has been shown to work well even with anti-coagulant medications. The paper is published in ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering. Scientists from Rice University, US, have transformed the way the world will view snake venom:

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