Day: November 4, 2015

Using Tumor DNA In The Blood To Track Cancer Development & Response To Treatment

Researchers of a new study have used tumor DNA dispersed in the blood to follow cancerous growths during their development and during treatment. The findings are available in the journal Nature Communications. The pieces of DNA shed from dying tumour cells into the bloodstream of a patient with breast cancer that had propagated to other

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Exposure to Pesticides As Teenagers Might Cause Sperm Disomy in Adult Years

Males exposed to pollutants called organochlorines during their teenage years might develop defective sperms later, says a new study entitled “Sperm Aneuploidy in Faroese Men with Lifetime Exposure to Dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene (DDE) and Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Pollutants”, published online in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. The research performed by scientists from the Milken Institute School of

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Kim Dotcom’s MegaNet Project: A Decentralised Internet is Coming

Kim Dotcom, the famous Internet entrepreneur behind MegaUpload and MegaChat, previously proclaimed his intention to set up his own private Internet, the MegaNet. Dotcom explained the intricacies of MegaNet that would use the unused processing power of mobile phones and laptops to function. MegaNet is described as a decentralised, encrypted and peer-to-peer supported service. Most interestingly,

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