Day: November 26, 2015

Dispersal of humans 100,000 Years Ago Triggered By Betrayal and Trust

How did our species spread across the world? University of York archaeologist Penny Spikins believes that the process accelerated 100,000 years ago because of betrayals of trust. The new paper is published in Open Quarternary. The dispersal of humans transitioned from a slow pace to a fast one 100,000 years ago. Prior to the change,

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Ants Body Bridge: Army Ants Collectively Use Their Bodies As Bridges To Create Shortcuts In Forests

Why build bridges from available materials when you yourself can become the bridges? An international team of scientists have recently observed that army ants can not only use each other’s bodies as bridges when the need arises to create shortcuts in dangerous parts of rainforests but they can also modify the position of the living

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Healthy Breakfast Linked With Better Grades

We are always hearing of the benefits of a healthy breakfast, and how the lack of it can have adverse effects. A new study, published in Public Health Nutrition, has recently considered its effects on school performance. Analysing eating habits of 5,000 children Researchers from Cardiff University, UK, conducted a study involving over 5,000 children

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