Day: November 30, 2015

Envy Motivates Facebook Users To Create Unrealistic Posts to Compete With Friends

Envy is an important motivating factor for Facebook posts, says a new study conducted by researchers from Sauder School of Business. The emotion would also be a cause of decreased mental well-being. The findings are published in Information Systems Research. The concept of social online networks being a double-edged sword has been brought up yet

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Teaching Is Not The Only Mechanism For Humans’ Cultural Progress

Researchers from the University of Exeter have recently challenged the important position of teaching in the history of humans: their findings indicate that the making of improved tools over time does not depend entirely on teaching. Rather, while having a teacher is useful, it is not a limiting factor to cultural progress, because humans can

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Scientists Create Lightest Form of Gold Made of 98 % of Air

Scientists from Switzerland have created the lightest form of gold which consists of 98 % of air, and 20-carat gold, as well as milk protein fibres. The findings are available in the journal Advanced Materials. Researcher Raffaele Mezzenga from ETH Zurich and his team created the new type of gold from a 3D meshwork made

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Humans Talk & Sing Just Like Birds!

The same physical mechanism is behind the songs of birds and the words of humans, says a new study published in the journal Nature Communications. The sound of human speech might seem very different from birds singing, but, the similarities that exist far beyond our eyes are stark. While humans produce sounds via the larynx,

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