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Kim Dotcom’s MegaNet Project: A Decentralised Internet is Coming

Kim Dotcom, the famous Internet entrepreneur behind MegaUpload and MegaChat, previously proclaimed his intention to set up his own private Internet, the MegaNet.


Dotcom explained the intricacies of MegaNet that would use the unused processing power of mobile phones and laptops to function.

MegaNet is described as a decentralised, encrypted and peer-to-peer supported service. Most interestingly, it will be a non-IP-Address-based Internet. This implies that it will be relatively safe from having authorities monitor one’s Internet use.

MegaNet will work by sharing data via the technology of Bitcoins, “Blockchains”. The latter will be used for data transfer and communication, simultaneously using the current physical structure of the Internet.

Users will have the option of donating the unused processing power and storage bandwidth of their smartphones.

“If you have a 100 Million smartphones that have the MegaNet app installed we’ll have more online storage capacity, calculating power and bandwidth than the top 10 largest websites in the world combined [together], and that is the power of MegaNet,” says Dotcom.
“Over the years with these new devices and capacity especially mobile bandwidth capacity, there will be no limitations.”

The added encryption will run through all communications such that the systems will be protected from even supercomputers. User privacy will thus be ensured.

“If you don’t have IP addresses you can not hack the server, you can not execute denial of service [DDoS] attacks on gaming services or websites,” says Dotcom.

MegaNet is scheduled to be launched in 2016.


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