Day: December 13, 2015

Ads With Plus-Sized Models Encourage Obesity, Says New Study

plus size models

Ads with plus-sized models come with a downside, according to a new study published in the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing. They might be associated with an increasing obesity rate. The study findings indicate that the images published in advertising campaigns are featuring fewer underweight models deemed to be physically flawless, replacing the conventional

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Astonishing Bright Spots Seen On Ceres Explained

But, WHAT ARE THE BRIGHT SPOTS ON CERES? Ever since they were detected earlier this year, scientists (and, laymen) have been speculating over their possible origin. The most recent fly-by of Dawn might provide more answers; different groups of researchers have come up with possible explanations of their own. The brightest of them all The

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Military Wound ‘Syringe’ Dressing Cleared For Use Among Civilians

A special wound dressing that can halt bleeding from wounds within seconds whose use was once restricted to the US military has been cleared for use among the general public this week. High-tech firm RevMedx based in Oregon has invented a device that can successfully stop serious blood flow from injuries until the patient gets

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Living Together Has The Same Emotional Benefits As Marriage

The emotional benefits of living together as a couple are the same regardless of whether they tied the knot or not, according to a team of researchers who investigated the level of emotional distress among 8,700 participants. The findings are published in the Journal of Family Psychology. The individuals were surveyed over 10 years to

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