Day: December 25, 2015

Emergency State in Brazil: Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Linked With Babies Born With Small Brains

Brazil is in a state of emergency: a disease outbreak caused by Zika virus recently linked with babies born with unusually small brains has prompted authorities to encourage couples not to go forward with pregnancy plans because of the risk entailed. Health experts have found an association between a mosquito-borne virus known as Zika and a neurological condition

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Underwater Ancient City of Corinth in Greece Unveiling Its Mysteries

A team of researchers behind the Lechaion Harbor Project (LHP) has unveiled some of the mysteries of the partly-submerged ancient ruins of Lechaion, which used to be the harbour town of Corinth, Greece. Great monuments and structures of architectural value have been documented together with a discovery deemed to be surprising. The evidence gleaned from the

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Empathy Can Be Learned Through Positive Experiences Among People

Empathy can be learned, says a recent study that brings renewed hope in a world where feeling for others is getting more and more rare. The paper, entitled ‘How Learning Shapes The Empathic Brain’, is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the US. Societies dominated by apathy (specially towards people

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