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Bullying During Childhood Linked With Potential Psychiatric Disorders In Adulthood

Being bullied comes with long-term consequences. An article published by JAMA Psychiatry suggests that victims of bullying during childhood might develop psychiatric disorders in adult years.


A new research, led by Andre Sourander from the University of Turku, Finland, has linked being bullied as a child and mental health problems in adulthood.

Sourander and his team analysed data from 5,034 Finnish children to evaluate the possible correlation between bullying behaviour as 8-year-olds and psychiatric disorders by the age of 29 years old.

520 of the 4,540 participants who did not engage in bullying had a psychiatric diagnosis by follow-up while 33 of the 166 participants who had engaged in bullying as well as 58 of 251 who were victims of the bullies, together with 24 of the 77 individuals who were in both latter groups, had psychiatric diagnoses through follow-up.

Treating any psychiatric condition was found to be linked with exposure (frequent, and otherwise) to bullying behaviour and with indulging in bullying. The results also indicate that being exposed to bullying was associated with depression.

Those participants who were both bullies and victims to bullying at age 8 were shown to have a great risk of having psychiatric disorders that would require treatment in adulthood.

The researchers hope that future studies can provide more information as to the factors in force between childhood bullying and adulthood disorders.


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