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Google’s Quantum Computers Are 100 Million Times Faster

Google claims the Quantum Computer is over 100 million times faster than a normal PC.


Unlike regular computers, quantum ones can use ‘qubits’ to represent data as a 0 or a 1 as well as both simultaneously, thus achieving faster speeds and greater efficiency.

Google and NASA have been experimenting on their D-Wave 2X quantum computer (pictured above) they acquired two years ago. They intended to use it to solve complex problems within seconds instead of taking years to do so.

The details of the most recent test have been revealed. Conducted by a Google’s Quantum AI team, the test on the D-Wave 2X quantum computer shows that quantum annealing surpasses simulated annealing by more than 100 times, making it 100,000,000 times faster. Find the findings published here.

“We found that for problem instances involving nearly 1000 binary variables, quantum annealing significantly outperforms its classical counterpart, simulated annealing. It is more than 108 times faster than simulated annealing running on a single core,” Google’s director of engineering, Hartmut Neven, said in a statement.

However, before quantum enhanced optimization is turned into a practical application, we might have to wait for decades. The authors of the paper explain that quantum computing is still a budding field of research.


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