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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Installs Itself Even if Users Block It

It seems that whether you want to install Windows 10 or not, Microsoft will ultimately ‘convince’ you to.

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Windows 10 might be the newest operating system, but not necessarily also the most wanted one. Some users would rather stick with Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 OS.

However, free installations of Windows 10 offered following its launch by Microsoft gained millions of users in a week’s time.

The company came up with further ideas to have even more users: Windows 10 installation files were put up on computers running on older OS versions even if the users did not choose the upgrade. Apparently, Windows 10 were even installed automatically, regardless of what the users opted for, as some have claimed. However, Microsoft later dismissed it as a mistake.

The marketing strategy of Microsoft will grow more aggressive soon, though. While installation of the new OS was optional, and then later “recommended”, it will be imposing itself in the near future and show up as “Yes, I want to upgrade”.

Users not wanting to upgrade will notice that it will not be easy to avoid. Microsoft has made some recent modifications on older OS computers that were otherwise configured to block the upgrade, as pointed out by the creator of an app made to repel the Windows 10 upgrade, Josh Mayfield.


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  1. TheCudder on

    Misleading click-bait FUD of an article. The update will NOT install unless you click/say “YES” to doing so. You’re never going to come home and see that Windows 10 has installed itself without interaction and approval from you.


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