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Military Wound ‘Syringe’ Dressing Cleared For Use Among Civilians

A special wound dressing that can halt bleeding from wounds within seconds whose use was once restricted to the US military has been cleared for use among the general public this week.


High-tech firm RevMedx based in Oregon has invented a device that can successfully stop serious blood flow from injuries until the patient gets to the hospital. Approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it will be put to public use soon.  It was put into use by the US military since April 2015. It was only cleared for use among civilians on December 7.

The wound dressing, named XSTAT 30, can prevent gunshot injuries from bleeding in 20 seconds. Worth $100, it will be used on patients facing great risk of haemorrhage.

XSTAT 30 constitutes a 30-mm-diameter syringe coated in a coagulant containing a set of 92 cellulose sponges (9.8 mm in diameter) that will expand when released. The sponges, which look like pills, can each absorb 3 ml of blood or other body fluids, and they expand immediately after being in contact with the blood. Following their expansion, they fill the cavity left by the injury.

The bleeding can be halted for around 4 hours, thus giving enough time to the patient to obtain the care needed. Furthermore, up to 3 applicators can be used on the same patient if need be.

The FDA explains that XSTAT 30 can be used for the groin or armpit but is not made for wounds on certain body parts such as the chest, pelvis and the abdomen.


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