Month: January 2016

Why Exercising Does Not Always Cause Weight Loss

Have you ever noticed that some people will not lose weight in spite of exercising? Apparently, this is because our bodies respond to higher activity by adapting to them, according to a new study published in Current Biology. A new research explains why exercising more will not necessarily lead to weight loss. While exercising is important for

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Antarctic Fungi Survive on Martian Conditions on ISS For 18 Months

Tiny fungi taken from Antarctic rocks were sent to the International Space Station where the conditions were similar to those on planet Mars a while back. Now, 18 months later, over 60 % of the cells are intact with stable DNA. The paper is published in Astrobiology. Can life be sustained under the conditions of

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Successful Psychopaths Conceal Their Game & Lead Prosperous Lives

Not all psychopaths are convicted criminals. Actually, most of them are not cold-blooded, loving the sight of blood, as would be tempting to think. Rather, there is such a thing known as successful psychopathy whereby the individual displays characteristics of a psychopathic personality which he uses to his own advantage to get what he wants

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Global Youth Tobacco Survey Launched This Year

Smoking and synthetic drugs have pervaded our society. Our youth is particularly affected by the two scourges. The Ministry of Health will launch a survey this year to determine the extent of the effects. A Global Youth Tobacco Survey will be launched soon by the Ministry of Health, announced Minister Anil Gayan on January 28. It

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Human Breast Milk Contains The Solution To Antibiotic Resistance

mother breastfeeding

Protein lactoferrin found in breast milk and saliva has been re-engineered to develop hollow capsule constructions that are able to fight pathogenic bacteria at great speeds such that the latter cannot grow resistant to them. Our world has changed so much down to even the microscopic organisms that what was once a brilliant solution might

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What is Zika Virus? Everything You Need To Know

What is the Zika Virus? Zika virus, a mosquito-borne flavivirus, causes mild illness in humans called Zika fever, or commonly known as Zika. Approximately 1 in 5 infected people develop illness. The virus is transmitted by mosquitoes of genus Aedes. Some of the species falling under Aedes are A. aegypti and A. africanus. It apparently

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Scientists Grow Human Ear On Lab Rat’s Back

An adult-sized ‘human’ ear has been grown on the back of a rat by researchers from Japan. Their findings might pave the way for human trials in around 5 years’ time; there might be hope for people with birth defects or disfigurements. Growing human living tissue on this level is a feat that has mostly remained

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Heavy Social Media Use Linked With Disturbed Sleep

Stop blaming yourself for being inclined to insomnia — rather, blame your social media use! As goes the golden rule, too much of something good will most likely be detrimental to one’s health. Social media is no exception. Heavy social media use might be disrupting sleep patterns, says a team of researchers from the University

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Research On Dopamine Transport Can Help Treat Parkinson’s Disease & Drug Abuse

The mechanism behind the transport of dopamine in and out of brain cells has been discovered by researchers from the University of Florida. The knowledge can be potentially helpful to treat neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease and drug addiction. The findings are published in Nature Communications. Deciphering molecular pathways and mechanisms is key to understanding

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Aliens Can’t Contact Us Because They Already Went Extinct!

Wondering why aliens, if they exist, have not showed up on Earth yet? Well, this is because early life forms went extinct soon after their existence, according to a team of astrobiologists. The paper is published in the journal Astrobiology. If life ever sprouted on other planets in the latter’s early days, it would have been

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Oldest Jurassic Dinosaur Discovered in South Wales

The remains of possibly the oldest (known) Jurassic dinosaur discovered on a beach in the vicinity of Penarth, Wales, have been documented. The findings are published in PLOS ONE. The newly-discovered dinosaur species found in the south of Wales back in 2014 by Nick and Rob Hanigan has been named Dracoraptor hanigani. The team of researchers,

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