Day: January 6, 2016

Cancer Risk Increases For Twin If Other Twin Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer

A study spanning over 23 different cancer types and around 200,000 twins suggests that a twin sibling who developed cancer increases the risk of the other twin to have any form of cancer. The paper is published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association). A team of researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of

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Portable Protein-Making Bioreactor Can Bring Medication To Remote Areas

Desperate situations have often brought about remarkable inventions. Such was how the challenges in providing medication to people living in remote regions of the globe fuelled the creation of a small, portable, protein-making bioreactor. Researchers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory describe the device in the journal Small. The bioreactor has been made such that it can produce a

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The Universe In A Single Picture: Artist Pablo Carlos Budassi At Work

Our universe is so vast and moving at such high speeds that we cannot ever grasp its beauty in one shot. However, when we have art, we can at least depict it from our imagination with a little help from science. Artist Pablo Carlos Budassi has created an illustration based on NASA images and logarithmic

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Expressing Emotions Influences Brain’s Creativity Network

Artists actively expressing their emotions are linked with modifications in neural circuits associated with creativity in a new study focusing on jazz pianists. The paper is published in Scientific Reports. While previous research has linked creativity with neural circuits, suggesting that certain networks in the brain have to be deactivated or activated to explain creativity,

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