Day: January 13, 2016

Vitamin D Supplements Might Be Harmful

Taking vitamin D supplements might be a bad idea, says Tim Spector, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology from Kings College, who cites a number of new research in an article on The Conversation. He lays great emphasis on studies linking high doses of the nutrient and increased risk of falls and fractures. Past studies have shown that

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Bearing More Children Slows Ageing, Says New Study


Good news for women with many children! A new study published this year (January 5) on PLOS ONE suggests that the greater number of children a woman bears, the slower does she age. Apparently, the reason is that those who give birth to more surviving babies have longer telomeres. Want to slow ageing? Have longer telomeres

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Giant Icebergs Keep Great Amount of Carbon Locked in the Ocean

A new study, conducted by scientists from the University of Sheffield and led by Professor Grant Bigg, has added to the growing body of research focusing on global warming and the carbon cycle. According to the findings, the storage of up to 20% of the carbon in the Southern Ocean is due to huge icebergs. The

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