Day: January 22, 2016

Humans Recognise Emotions From Vocalisation Faster Than From Spoken Words

Human sounds are shown to convey emotions better than words in a new study. We are able to recognise emotions faster from vocalisations than from verbal sounds. The findings are published in the journal Biological Psychology. A team of researchers from McGill University puts into perspective our responses to sounds and words conveyed by our fellow

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Highest Prime Number To Be Seen (22-Million-Digit) Discovered

The highest prime number to be seen by humans has been discovered by researchers using a computer in Missouri. What’s in a number, you might ask. They are never-ending, much of a headache, and absolutely undesirable to deal with when combined in algebra and other complicated mathematics chapters at school, unless you’re a mathematics nerd!

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Evidence of our Solar System’s 9th Planet Revealed

The presence of a ninth planet in our solar system situated past Neptune has been suggested by researchers. Commonly being called “Planet Nine”, it is described as being enormous and icy. The findings are published in The Astrophysical Journal. The ‘discovery’ has been made by the astronomer who was behind the ‘demotion’ of Pluto (Mike Brown

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Brain’s Memory Capacity is 10 Times Greater Than Previous Estimations

Did you ever wish for the ability to insert a memory card in your brain?! Well, know that it would be unnecessary because the memory capacity of your brain is comparable to the amount stored on the Internet. The findings are published in eLIFE. Our brain’s capacity to save information might be 10 times greater than

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