Day: January 27, 2016

Scientists Grow Human Ear On Lab Rat’s Back

An adult-sized ‘human’ ear has been grown on the back of a rat by researchers from Japan. Their findings might pave the way for human trials in around 5 years’ time; there might be hope for people with birth defects or disfigurements. Growing human living tissue on this level is a feat that has mostly remained

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Heavy Social Media Use Linked With Disturbed Sleep

Stop blaming yourself for being inclined to insomnia — rather, blame your social media use! As goes the golden rule, too much of something good will most likely be detrimental to one’s health. Social media is no exception. Heavy social media use might be disrupting sleep patterns, says a team of researchers from the University

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Research On Dopamine Transport Can Help Treat Parkinson’s Disease & Drug Abuse

The mechanism behind the transport of dopamine in and out of brain cells has been discovered by researchers from the University of Florida. The knowledge can be potentially helpful to treat neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease and drug addiction. The findings are published in Nature Communications. Deciphering molecular pathways and mechanisms is key to understanding

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