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5-Planet Alignment Visible to the Naked Eye As From January 20 to February

Five planets, namely Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, will align in an event that is to happen after over a decade. The resulting ‘line’ will be visible in our sky around an hour before sunrise on January 20, and will persist till the last days of February.


Avid sky-watchers, get ready as from Wednesday to view all five planets together in the same patch of sky! Their aligning will be visible as follows: Jupiter will appear further north, followed by the red planet, Mars, then by Saturn, and Venus across the east horizon, and then finally Mercury that has just recently made the transition from appearing in the evening to being visible in the morning (it is to be noted that the first four planets are already visible in the sky in the morning; they are just waiting for Mercury to complete the 5-planet-alignment). While it will be relatively difficult to spot Mercury at first because it will most likely be the faintest, it is expected to rise gradually day by day such that it will be just below Venus by next month.


If you are in for the sighting of the planets, you can count on the Moon as an indication of their position: at the end of this month, our faithful satellite will travel by each planet and it could thus assist us in spotting them. For instance, it will be next to Jupiter and Mars on January 28 and February 1 respectively, just below Mars on February 2, near to Saturn and Venus on February 4 and February 6 respectively, and finally below Mercury on February 7.

Also, it is to be noted that the line denoting the alignment of the 5 planets will be in close proximity with the ecliptic which marks the path of the sun.

If this planet-show is not enough to mesmerise your eyes and heart, know that there will be another next August!


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