Day: February 1, 2016

The next species to control Earth after humans disappear is not what you expect

Nothing in this world is permanent. This golden rule necessitates that human beings will, one day, die out, completely erased from the surface of the Earth. What will happen then? Will there be another species to call themselves the dominator of our planet? A lecturer from the University of Sterling, Luc Bussiere, makes an exposé

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Link Between Suicide in Humans And Animals Displaying Self-Sacrificing Behaviour

Is there any link between suicide among humans and the self-sacrificial behaviours of eusocial species like some insects? This is what researchers of a new study have attempted to find out. The paper is published in Psychological Review. Species living in colonies like the shrimp, mole rat, honeybees and ants, are known to sometimes self-sacrifice themselves. Perhaps,

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