Day: February 8, 2016

The Origin of Cancer Formation Observed By Scientists

The progression of cancer from the very first affected cell to other cells has been observed for the first time by scientists from Boston Children’s Hospital. The study involves the identification of certain genes that might be targeted to prevent cancer from even starting. The findings are published in the journal Science. Cancer development is marked

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Light & Agile Exoskeleton Helps The Paralysed to Walk

Of the main purposes of technology is to make life better for us — this is what the new endeavour undertaken by a robotics lab promises to individuals paralysed from the waist down who will not have to bear the burden of excessive sitting thanks to The Phoenix. People paralysed from the waist down fortunately

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Robot-Run Farm To Grow Lettuce Independent of Humans

World, get ready for lifeless and emotionless farmers! A firm based in Japan will soon develop a robot-run farm to grow lettuce containing more beta carotene than the conventional farm-grown one —  mostly without constant human assistance. Technology has replaced cattle for the plowing of land. Machines have also rendered men of certain professions redundant.

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