Day: February 19, 2016

Amazonian Boiling River Documented By Scientist Andrés Ruzo

The boiling river of the Amazon that is often mentioned in legends and folklore is actually real. Researcher Andrés Ruzo discovered it in 2011, but he explains that it was already known by Amazonian communities. He has been working on elucidating the nature, and source of the heat of the water-body which he has, many

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Rabbit or Duck? This Calculates Your Creative Ability

You already know how crazy things can go viral on social media, right? Last year, it was the photograph of the blue dress that made the Internet people go bonkers. Now, it is an optical-illusion picture of a duck. Or a rabbit. Or, maybe, both… Okay, so, what do you see? Are you able to

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Asteroids Killed Before They Can Commit Suicide Diving Into The Sun

It is generally thought in the world of science that near-Earth asteroids die when meeting the sun. However, a new study published in the journal Nature suggests that their deaths will usually happen when they are moving about in space before they can get to the sun. A team of researchers studying near-Earth objects (NEOs) (including

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