Day: February 26, 2016

Treating Deadly Brain Cancer Using Skin Cells

Skin cells have been reprogrammed to become cancer-killing neural stem cells that are able to recognise and kill the remnants of a deadly brain tumour. The paper is published in the journal Nature Communications. The war on cancer is getting more and more intense as researchers are trying to come up with innovative ways to uproot

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Sea Level Rising: The Fastest Rate in 3,000 Years

Rise in sea level is but one of the repercussions of global warming. A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science puts into perspective the rocketing rate at which this is happening in recent decades. Our planet’s ocean levels have changed over time even before global warming became an alarming situation —

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In Depth: Time Actually Behaves Like A Crystal – Here’s How

Time has remained an evasive topic. The more scientists attempt to unveil its secrets, the more it gets away from their grasp. Some physicists have even questioned how we perceive its very existence: a team of researchers have investigated the very structure of time and claim that it behaves like a crystal. Their revised paper is

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Chocolate Eaten Once A Week Boosts Cognitive Function

Chocolate-lovers, here is a good news for you! Eating chocolate at least once a week might enhance cognition, according to a new study published in the journal Appetite. The potential health benefits of chocolate are being documented by an increasing body of research. It has usually been associated with protecting the health of the heart.

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Eating Carrots Lowers Breast Cancer Risk Thanks to Alpha Carotene Content

The consumption of carrots has been linked with a lower risk in certain forms of breast cancer, says a new study. The risk of developing certain types of breast cancer that are otherwise hard to treat can be reduced by up to 60%, according to the new research conducted by an international team of scientists.

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