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Ancient Greek Laptop Proving Time Travel – Here’s The Truth

A YouTube video depicting a ‘laptop’ in an ancient Greek grave marker argues this is evidence of time travel, and yes, you guessed it, it has gone viral.

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Photo credits: J. Paul Getty Museum.

Well, the object in the marble carving could pass for a laptop, right? It even appears to have USB ports! Of course, it is not a laptop, and conspiracy theorists putting such ideas forward do not know any better, but what is it really?

The marker dates back to approximately the 100 BC. Named “Grave Naiskos of an Enthroned Woman with an Attendant”, it might have belonged to Delos, a small island off the east coast of Greece; Delos is known for its mythological and archaeological richness.

It shows a wealthy woman in a sitting position as a servant is offering something to her. The ‘laptop’. According to the description of the Museum, it is actually a shallow chest that could be representing the promise of treasures in the afterlife. The YouTuber insists, though, that it is too wide to be a jewellery box, and hence, it is a laptop.

Archaeologist Dorothy Lobel from the US dismisses his claim as “ridiculous“. Other researchers have commented on the nature of the object. For instance, Janet Burnett Grossman, another famous archaeologist, says that it might have been a flat box or even a mirror. Its identity is debated actually: others say that it is a wax writing tablet serving as document. Regardless, it definitely is not a laptop from the ‘future’.

Other ancient Greek art works also include the illustration of a ‘laptop’. Researchers mention goddess Athena being handed a tablet that is similar to the one above.


Red figure vase by the Douris painter found in Germany’s Museum Berlin. Photo credits: Pottery Fan/Wikimedia.

What of the ‘USB ports’, then? Apparently, sculpture from ancient Greece will often have conspicuous holes that are meant to be filled by embellishing materials. The grave marker in question is thought to be missing certain parts, and so, the holes might have accommodated for those pieces.


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