Flacq Hospital to be Demolished: A New One In Constance Will Be Built

Flacq hospital will eventually be demolished, announces the Ministry of Health. The procedures for the construction of a new hospital are being initiated.

flacq hospital

The building of a new hospital to replace the one to be destroyed will start off by the end of this year.

The current infrastructure is deemed to be old, outdated, and irreparable, and therefore, has to be demolished; for instance, it does not have the equipment relating to CT-Scan and MRI such that its patients have to go to Victoria hospital at Candos for treatment. It will only be brought down after the new, ‘five-star’ building will be operational.

Rs 5 billion will be invested to make of the project a reality.

The site to accommodate for the new hospital has been identified at Constance. It has already been visited by representatives of the ministry last October. Meanwhile, the activities of Flacq hospital are going to be decentralised; another building in the village — the health office — will be allocated for some of them.


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