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Having Breakfast Helps Obese People To Be More Active

Eating breakfast might cause obese people to grow more active, says a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


Breakfast might be having more benefits than we would have thought. It is generally claimed to be the most important meal of the day and that it should, thus, not be skipped. New research now puts into perspective its potential beneficial effect on obesity.

A team of health scientists from the University of Bath in the UK evaluated the links between breakfast and health among a group of participants, all of whom were obese. The volunteers were divided into two groups: a fasting one and a breakfasting one.

While having breakfast was not found to be associated with weight loss, it did cause the individuals to be more physically-active in the morning. Furthermore, they also reduced food intake during the day such that the two groups of participants ate similar amounts in all.

Since shifting from a sedentary life which seems to be characterising our modern societies is essential to life, the researchers believe their findings might be bringing to light a key benefit.

The researchers also explain that opinions on taking breakfast differ and that the importance thereof would depend on the person himself and his personal goals; lead author Dr Enhad Chowdury says that it should be noted that people do not all respond to breakfast in the same manner and that “not all breakfasts are equal”. Researcher Dr James Betts says that while it is not confirmed whether having breakfast will benefit for weight loss, it can help with other issues like being more active or controlling blood sugar levels.

Furthermore, the new findings support previous studies conducted by the researchers.


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